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Lincoln Mark VIII
Fan Install

This is the complete unit, it is built inside a plastic shroud, that most likely will need to be trimmed for any FJ40 application.

Here is the fan after I trimmed it and bolted it to my home made shroud.

The plastic is easily trimmed using a sawzall with a metal cutting blade.

This is how I get power to the fan, since it reportedly requires100amps on start, I used a Ford starter relay (solenoid), $7 at Autozone.

The one on the left is actually used as a starter relay,
while the one on the right, near MC is for the fan.

Wire management will come later, this was just to get it working and give it a test run.

Here is my thermostatic switch, it has a temp sensor that fits in the water neck on the radiator. It's wired to the switch post on the relay. I let the engine get to the temp I wanna run it, then adjust the switch to kick the relay on at that point.

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