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Tym's Page

Welcome to Tym's Page, I'm Tym, the guy to yer left in the white shirt. This page is dedicated to my hobbies and interests, ie; Land Cruisers, wakeboarding, hunting/shooting, ATV'ing etc...(things important to Tym). Anyhow, enjoy the page or don't..that's your choice and feel free to drop me an E-mail.....



My FJ40, Mighty-Mighty, Pictured with Weber carb, coil over shocks on the rear and that's about it in this pic
1972 Toyota Landcruiser FJ40
Click the image for another view of Mighty-Mighty after some modifications....

This is how things looked in December 2000. Click the picture to see what all changed in one year
Tym's Toys
This is a view of "Tym's Toy's". My venerable old FJ40 "Mighty-Mighty" which is now V8'd and my old Land Cruiser "The Pickle" a 1972 FJ55 4-door wagon. The Pickle is no longer with me, he has taken a home with another Cruiser enthusiast. I decided to take on the restoration of a more modern Cruiser, an FJ60 Churchill, pictures to be posted soon...

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